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While it is well known that letters can be intercepted and phone lines can be tapped, it is not so well known that even e-mails can be easily read. In fact it is commonly believed that the login password provides privacy and security.
This is not actually so!

Any employee of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you you use, can tap into your e-mail at your end or that of the recipient with the use of fairly basic equipment. Tapping can also be done by anyone who links up to the dozens of Internet routers through which your message passes.
The mail can even be accessed by someone at the phone company's office or a hacker who taps in through them.

There are also a number of more sophisticated methods and a wide range of equipment by which all electronic communication can be intercepted. These are used primarily by government agencies, but can also be employed by business rivals and competitors.

Such agencies can also use specially designed software that can automatically search all e-mails and faxes passing through a particular phone network for keywords, or analyze phone calls digitally. So even if you are using unlisted numbers, or public call offices and cyber cafés, your communication can be traced and intercepted by picking up commonly used terms or phrases.

Each time you work with sensitive data, or wish to communicate with someone else confidentially, well, you should use encryption software (like ours) to protect your files.

Ensure that all you stored information is also encrypted so that it is safe from the eyes of snoopers, competitors or uninvited investigators.

And when getting rid of old files or data, don't just delete them, use the built in Shred function in the program to be absolutely safe.


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Our File and Text Encryption Software 

Advanced Encryption Package 2018 Professional/Standard

Files encryption software for Windows Vista and XP

While it is well known that letters can be intercepted and phone lines can be tapped, it is not so well known that even e-mails can be easily read. In fact it is commonly believed that the login password provides privacy and security. This is not actually so!

Advanced Encryption Package 2018 lets you encrypt/decrypt/shred/make sfx .exe/zip files. This program was included into PCWorld's 5 top encryption tools of the year. This program has a nice and clean user-friendly interface and full ZIP files support.

Eight Top features of AEP 2018 PRO:

  1. Encrypt your sensitive files using 20 encryption algorithms including well-known AES 256 bit

  2. Securely delete your sensitive files using 20 wiping algorithms including Peter Gutmann algorithm and NATO Data Destruction Standard.

  3. Create self-decrypting versions of your files (password protected) to send them via email

  4. Use Public and Private encryption keys (RSA algorithm) when necessary. AEP PRO supports it!

  5. Keep all your encryption keys on USB Flash Drives. iPOD is also supported :-)

  6. Encrypt not only files but text messages. AEP PRO has special Text Encryption Assistant to encrypt important messages being sent via e-mail/ICQ.

  7. Automate your encryption tasks. AEP PRO includes fully featured command line utility to process files in a batch.

  8. Simplicity of process

Read more how to use Advanced File Encryption to protect your sensitive files. file encryption software

Download and test it for free during period of 30 days:
 aep2018pro.msi (4,5Mb)  
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Our On-the-Fly Encryption Software (www.cryptoexpert.com) 

CryptoExpert is an advanced on the fly encryption software. It creates encrypted container(s) (secure files vault). It is possible to mount container file as usual hard drive (this operation requires password authorization). And work with this virtual drive as with any usual hard drive.

CryptoExpert 2018 Professional


Features of CryptoExpert 2018 Pro:

  • Ability to create container(s) up to 250 Gb in size
  • Four encryption alorithms: AES, Blowfish, Cast, 3DES
  • Network Support (ability to create containers at network drives, mount containers from network, share virtual drives between network users)
  • USB Flash Drives support to keep containers decryption keys
  • Windows Vista Compatible


Download trial (31 day free) version:
cryptoexpert2018pro_setup.exe (2.5Mb)  
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. October 11, 2008




CryptoExpert Express

Features of CryptoExpert Express:

  • 10 Gb ($49.95) version with ability to create volumes up to 10240 Mb in size.
  • 4 encryption alorithms: AES, Blowfish, Cast, 3DES
  • Small, Fast and really easy to use!
  • Personal and Commercial use


Download trial (31 day free) version:
cexpertxp_setup.exe (800Kb)  

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Our Windows Explorer Plug-Ins Encryption Software

Advanced Encryption Plug-in Pro for Windows Explorer 

Small screnshot of Advanced Encryption Plug-in for Windows Explorer Advanced Encryption Plug-In Professional for Windows Explorer integrates into Windows Explorer context menu and can encrypt files using 17 strong encryption algorithms (including AES and Twofish).

Current version is 4.0.5 . July 11, 2006

Download trial version:
ae_plugin_pro.zip (956Kb) |
ae_plugin_pro.exe (963Kb)

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