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You can download evaluation versions of our products and try them for 30 days.

Every product is present in 'Download Files' column. File with .zip extension is a ZIP archvie. You need to have a special zip archive extraction utility like WinZip to get contents of this zip file. Also you can download self-extracting compressed archive (file with .exe extension). You'll just need execute this .exe file to install the product on your computer (installation utility will set up software automatically.

Product Version File Size Download Files
Advanced Encryption Package 2018 Professional 4.8.7  4.6 MB   aep2018pro_setup.exe 
CryptoExpert 2018 Professional 7.8.3  7.5 Mb   cryptoexpert2018pro.msi 
Master Voyager 1.23  7.5 Mb   mastervoyager_setup.msi 
Secure Notes Organizer 3.0.11  2.9 MB 


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