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Secure Notes Organizer
Have a full control over your sensitive notes

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SecureAction Secure Notes Organizer is an award-winning easy-to-use tool for Windows XP, Windows 9X and Windows 2000 with Outlook-like interface which allows you to organize your notes and business data in hierarchical structure. 

Secure Notes Organizer is a true 32-bit Windows application, written entirely in C++. It does not use any database engines, which makes it very fast. The program comes with its own compression engine, minimizing the use of your hard-drive space.


Is your desktop littered with different memos , making it impossible to find the necessary one, though you need it right now ?
Would you like to remember all your friends' and partners' phone numbers, but they are so numerous that it seems impossible to find the one you want to dial?
Would you like to keep a daily journal (maybe, even memoirs...) but you are scared that someone accesses your notes without asking for your permission?

Then, Secure Notes Organizer is just the RIGHT program for you! You can solve these and other issues with a single download.

All information is stored in the hierarchical tree form, and the instant search saves your valuable time!

The program is capable of arranging all your notes by date, guaranteeing you'll never lose of forget anything again!

The program has automatic URL recognition inside the document, password protection , multilingual fully customizable interface, data exporting options and much more!

Secure Notes Organizer is suitable for keeping TO-DO lists (in hierarchical tree form)

Secure Notes Organizer will keep safely and securely all your friends' and partners' phones and addresses; as for bank accounts' and credit cards' numbers, they will be stored even more securely than in the best storage vault (strong military grade document encryption is used !)


Strong encryption is used to protect your documents!

Latest information

SNO is a trial software - so, if you decide to keep it, you have to register and pay the registration fee (as low as $29.95).
Registered users will receive all future versions and upgrades free, as well as virtually unlimited technical support.

After purchasing a license you'll be able:

  • No nag screens!

  • Enabled "Global Find" feature

  • Ability to insert and click URLs in a document

  • Receive free upgrades to newer versions for lifetime!

International program

This program is "international" and supports many languages now (to be selected after installation; now available: 22 languages - Czech, Catalonian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Chinese Traditional(BIG5), Chinese Simplified(GBK)). If you could help us to implement the support to another one(s), please drop us a line -- you'll get a free registration! Just don't send us your language file prior to contacting us, as far as such version might be already under development. That's mandatory!

Translated help file(s):
Swedish language

Translators wanted! 


Secure Notes Organizer won several awards from well known places in the Internet
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award
5 Stars Award

5 Stars Award

The most popular software in category!
Editor's Pick Award!
5 Stars Award and Editor's Choice!

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