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SecureAction Research LLC sets high standards in data security and protection and Secure Notes Organizer is a reflection of our commitment to provide you our expertise in data security efficiently and economically. Secure Notes Organizer was developed specifically for the purposes of organising and securing data and as you use this program you will realise the many benefits it offers you.

Secure Notes Organizer was born out of a desire to keep track of our day to day activities, thoughts, goals, feelings and to record the important events in our business. For too long we had been looking for a comfortable, safe and reliable way to log our personal and business data. We tried storing our confidential information in conventional diaries and organizers, but they proved inadequate for our purposes. The confidentiality of our private and business notes was not protected. We then stored our data in text files and encrypted them. But we found it tedious to look through miles of plain text! We also often forgot to make entries every day! We needed a special program to meet our requirements.

Hence, the birth of Secure Notes Organizer!


In this latest version you will find many enhancements and new features that simplify the process of making and organizing your entries.


By registering Secure Notes Organizer you will help us continue our crusade against prying eyes! Help us to help you!
Secure Notes Organizer is only US$ 29.95!

Registration will provide you with:

  • Ability to use the 'Global Find' feature
  • Ability to click on URLs like http and mailto in the document
  • Ability to use the program for an unlimited length of time
  • Lifetime upgrades!
  • Your presence on the Team of Secure Notes Organizer mailing list: You will receive advance updates and tips on Secure Notes Organizer and related software.
  • Priority Email Support: Members of the Secure Notes Organizer Programming team will answer your queries to help you get the most out of the program

Register today. For a better tomorrow!

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