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Secure Notes Organizer

How to order using Fax, Mail, etc


Product ID #2528-1

Mail this form to:
Register Now!
Dept# 2528-1
PO Box 1816
Issaquah, WA 98027
United States of America
Or fax it to:
1 888 353-7276 (U.S. and Canada; toll-free)
1 425 392-0223 (other countries; regular)
Or just call:
1 877 353-7297 (U.S. and Canada; toll-free)
1 425 392-2294 (other countries; regular)
Check, money order, purchase order or credit card order accepted
Note: for mailed orders, the checks need to be made out to "Register
Now!". For international checks, we would prefer the funds be drawn in
US dollars. When this is not possible, we will accept checks for a
corresponding amount in the country's currency. Unfortunately,
Eurochecks are not accepted. A purchase order must be faxed or mailed
to the address listed above with all necessary information including
billing information.

Order Information

Product ID: #2528-1
Program Name: Secure Notes Organizer

Quantity For each copy
1 $29.95
2..4 $24.95
5..19 $22.95
20..49 $19.95
50..99 $15.95
Unlimited $495

Quantity: ___
Total payment: $___.__

Payment Information
First Name: _____________________________________________________
Last Name: _____________________________________________________
Company: ______________________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________________
City: __________________________________________________________
State/Province: __________________________________________________
Zip/Postal Code: _________________________________________________
Country: _______________________________________________________
Daytime Phone: __________________________________________________
Fax: ___________________________________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________________
Payment: __ MasterCard __ VISA __ AMEX __ Discover
__ Check __ Money order __ Purchase order
For credit card orders:
Name on Card: ________________________________________________________
Credit Card Number: __________________________________________________
Expiration Date: month _______________ year (4 digits) _______________
Signature : ____________________ Date: ______________

You will receive your personal activation key within 48 hours after registration. This key will unlock all disabled features. This activation key is valid for future versions of Secure Notes Organizer You can register your copy of Secure Notes Organizer at a cost of $29.95.

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