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Comparison Chart

Our Encryption Software Comparison Chart

Advanced Encryption Package (AEP) is professional files encryption software that encrypts files using several strong encryption algorithms. It also has a lot of special service functions.

CryptoCrat is also encryption software, but apart from AEP, it compresses multiple files into one single encrypted archive.

Advanced Encryption Plug-In for Windows Explorer is a Windows Shell Context Menu add-on, that adds encrypt/decrypt/wipe/e-mail and other commands to Windows context menu and adds encryption functionality to Windows Explorer

CryptoExpert is an on the fly encryption system that lets you keep your important files on virtual volume, get it fast, and protect it from unauthorized access by password authentication

Feature AEP CryptoCrat AEPE CryptoExpert
Encrypt with Password Yes Yes Yes Yes

File manager

Yes Yes No Yes

Ability to work with multiple files at the time

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Ability to store SEVERAL files inside one encrypted file-archive

No Yes No Yes, because virtual drive is like hard drive

Maximal length of password key

2048 bit 2048 bit 448 bit 256 bit
Number of encryption algorithms 20 (Pro) / 4 (Std) 14 20 (Pro) / 4 (Std) 4 (Pro) / 1 (PE) / 1 (Lite)

Ability to make SFX files

Yes Yes Yes No

Ability to securely delete data

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Integration with Windows Explorer

Yes Yes Yes No

Compress files during encryption

Yes Yes Yes No

Ability to work with .ZIP archives

Yes Yes Yes -

Skins support

Yes (+12 skins) No No No

Automatic ability to wipe original files after encryption

Yes No Yes -

Using temporary files during encryption

Yes, but files are shredded No Yes, but files are shredded No

Store folders in archive

No Yes No Yes, in virtual drive

Checking password validity for encrypted file/archive

After decryption of whole file Immediately After decryption of whole file On mount drive

Encrypting e-mails and text messages

Yes No No No

Interface like what

Folders & Files Tree Folders Tree & Files List. Advanced & Simple Mode. Context Menu Any program that works with files on hard drive

Ability to dump all passwords into encrypted text file during encryption sessions

Yes No Yes No