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Secure Notes Organizer

Files Protection

You are likely to have confidential files on your computer which were created before you installed Secure Notes Organizer. You may want to encrypt these files as well. SNO has simple encryption/decryption utility. To use this tool click on menu command Tools / Encrypt File.


  1. Click the Encryption button to specify you want to encrypt files.
  2. From the folder tree on the left hand panel select the document that you want encrypted.
  3. Enter a password in the Password text box.
  4. Repeat the same password in the Confirmation text box.
  5. If you wish, you can enter a clue in the Riddle text box. This is optional. However, if you think you that you could forget the  password in the future, fill in a clue that you will associate with the password, should you happen to forget. For instance, if you entered the password 'encumbrance', you could set the clue to read 'What obstructs work?' When you are decrypting this particular document this clue will be displayed in the Decryption window.
  6. From the Destiny of Source File options at the bottom select one of the three options provided. The Shred it option provides maximum security by shredding the original file, while the Leave it alone option provides the least. Should you choose to destroy it, take care to memorize the password. Otherwise you will never be able to retrieve  the data.

To decrypt files activate Decryption mode by clicking Decryption button.

Our encryption software

If you are interested in another encryption functions, please take a look at Advanced Encryption Package 2004 or Advanced Encryption Package 2004 Pro.

AEP additionally has ability to process multiple files/folders as well as support for 17 encryption algorithms. ZIP format support, command line interface support, etc.


AEP WebSite

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