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How to become our reseller
Reseller program

Now, consider

  • regional sales - we have requests from local resellers from English-speaking countries; think what you can do in Germany, France, Japan...
  • bundling our software with other products you sell
  • sales resulting from your main business (consulting, development, training, etc.)
  • local community sales
  • offline sales - you can collect orders by phone and process them yourself online

You start by sending reseller's request to After your application has been approved, you are assigned a Coupon Code and instructions on how to use it are emailed to you.

Coupon Code allows us to track orders from your customers. Coupon code gives you the ability to order any of our products with your personal discount (at least 35%).

So, from this point, you will be able to order our products with discounted price whenever you want.

Try It Now

The easiest way to figure out how Reseller Program works is to try it. Why not apply if it's so easy? Did we tell you that joining Reseller Program is free? No investment is necessary to start earning reseller fees!

To become the reseller of our products please:

  • When you get a new customer for our products you purchase the license for this customer from SecureAction Research using the Discount Coupon we've sent you. After placing the order you (or your customer) receives the license key (it unlocks trial versions of our software to full registered software) automatically. This unlock code will be sent to you within 10 minutes.
  • You can also make an unfront purchase for your future customers we'll send you registration codes upon request when you get a new customer. In this case you'll receive additional discount - up to 50%!
  • After receiving the unlock code from SecureAction you either send it to the customer together with the instructions or enter it into the trial version of the program on the customer's computer. This will convert the trial version of the program into the fully-functional one.