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Affiliate Program

Interested in making more money from your website or from your newsletter? It is very easy to join our affiliate program!


Why be the Affiliate?

Indeed, why should you be the Affiliate when there is where anyone can order the software instantly? The general answer is: because any effort you put into developing your reseller business (even if it's only putting a link to SecureAction products) adds value and will be rewarded.

How does our Affiliate Program work?

When you sign up with our affiliate program, you get a 35% commission right from the start. Your commission rate will get even higher as your sales improve. Your commission will be sent to you on a monthly basis by check or wire transfer.

Sign up to Become the Affiliate

Sign up for an affiliate account at You'll then receive a password and login.


Frequently Asked Questions


I signed up - what happens next?

Next, we review the information of each newly registered Affiliate. In any event, we will keep you informed via e-mail as to the status of your request. Once you have registered and been activated, you will receive your login data for the Affiliate Control Panel. The Control Panel contains detailed information about your partnerships and products. You may then embed links on your Web site and begin to market our products.
In the "Products" section of the Control Panel, you can generate links to particular products or request authorization from us to market other products.

Once you receive authorization from us, you can initiate two types of sales:

1. You can place a direct link to order pages of our products. Once you have decided which products you would like to market, use the Link Generator in the Control Panel (in the "Products" section) to activate the links from the product pages to the sales system. These links automatically contain your Affiliate ID, thereby ensuring that your sales are recorded. Then these links can then be embedded into your Web site.

2. Place a link to our Web site. While this method may not lead directly to sales, it does set a cookie on the visitor's computer that detects whether the visitor becomes attentive to the Web site because of you. In this way, you receive your commission in the case of a sale. To place this type of link, use the Link Generator in the Control Panel.

How can you make sure that all of my referrals are accounted for?

There are two methods to track your sales: You can choose to rely on the affiliate ID, which is contained in your unique order link, or you can have us place a cookie on the user's machine with your affiliate ID stored in it. If the user purchases the software at a later time, the cookie will be recognized and the sale assigned to you.

When will I get paid my commission?

We send out Payment Reports to affiliates on the 8th of the each month for the previous month's sales. Payment is then made on the 15th for the previous month's earnings, provided you reach the minimum payment amount of 100 EUR/USD or 70 GBP in commission earnings.

Which payment methods and currencies are available for me to receive my payments?

You can receive payments either by check or wire transfer, in USD, EUR or GBP. You can set your preferred payment method in the Control Panel under "Personal Data".

I haven't received my payment for last month's sales, what do I do?

There are many reasons that your payment may have not arrived. If you have pre-set a transfer limit and this limit has not been reached, or your balance has not exceeded our lower limit (see question above), the payment will be held until the limit is reached.
If you did not define a limit for your payment, or believe your payment may have been held in error, please contact us at Please be sure to give wire transfers ample time to post to your account!

Are there any costs participating as an affiliate?

There are no monthly or fixed costs to you for participating in our affiliate program.

What information will I receive on my sales?

You have access to sales reports in the Affiliate Control Panel, where you can view your sales and earnings by date. We do not provide the end-user customer's data to you as this remains the our property.

How should I promote the products?

You can place the referral links anywhere on your website. It is typically a good idea to place them with complementing products or related topics to help generate referrals. Since you have a lot of flexibility with the links, you can also try out different locations of the links on your website to gauge their effectiveness.