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Memors2000 Lite (a junior sister of Secure Notes Organizer)
Take a full control over your sensitive notes


Memoirs2000 Lite. Freeware

question.gif (1101 bytes) Are you looking for a comprehensive tool to keep your daily text-based information?
question.gif (1101 bytes) Have you private text-based data or do you want to disable access to your memoirs?
question.gif (1101 bytes) Would you like to be able to look over a big amount of tree-organized information and find any string immediately?

If you answered YES to all questions, then you came to right place

History of M2P

mem_small.gif (897 bytes)Memoirs2000 Pro version 2.01
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Differencies between Secure Notes Organizer and MemoirsLite

Memoirs2000 Lite is freeware, but it has some restrictions. Professional version has full package of features.

  Memoirs2000 Lite Secure Notes Organizer
Ability to export database into the text file No Yes
Support for Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian languages No, English only Yes, M2P has interface in those languages
Global Find thru all database No Yes
Ability to protect document by password No Yes, Powerful encryption Blowfish with 448 bit key is used
Plug-in interactive tool for encrypting/decrypting files n/a Present
How often can I download new versions of this software? 1 time in several months Usually we make new version every two weeks.
Fully customizable interface No Yes, you can arrange all toolbars and it will be restored in the next session
Users support When we have free time Users of professional version have highest priority. We reply to registered users in several hours
Live Update via Internet No Yes
Ability to drag & drop tree branches No Yes, Easy
Ability to cut /copy & paste tree branches No Yes
Global statistic for document Only for current text block Yes, for all document (lines, words, characters, folders, items, tree branches)

Please check Secure Notes Organizer page: (you may download and evaluate it for free)

Take Full Control over Your Sensitive text-based Data"Take Full Control over Your Sensitive text-based Data"

Online Help for Secure Notes Organizer is available here

M2L lets you store and arrange all your information in in a tree outline form.
The possibilities for its use are practically endless: to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers and more.


Organize your bits of text-based info in a tree outline form using Explorer-like interface:

memoirs_small1.jpg (13822 bytes)

Arrange items using mouse
Instantly save changes
and minimize using ESC key
Instantly activate
using one mouse click
Use several different trees in several folders:

memoirs_small2.jpg (16133 bytes)

Arrange your text-based information not only in trees, but and in the mini-documents:

More screenshots (click here)


Use Powerful and Handy Interface
Automatic install
and uninstall

Memoirs2000 Lite is Freeware. You can download and use this software for free. Go to downloads page

Secure Notes Organizer  page is here (Recommended link!)