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Kinds of File Encryption Software

There are several types of encryption software available.

File Encryption Software - the software encrypting individual files, folders and etc. Usually this type of software can encrypt files indiviudally, one by one, or several files/folders into the single encrypted encrypted file.

Often such type of software provides possibility to encrypt files from Windows Explorer menu directly. Sometime it is more conveniently than to launch the main encryption program. See example to how to encrypt files from windows context menu

File encryption software are devided into two major types: PKI (public/private key encryption) and symmetric encryption software. First one encrypts files using the public key file and decrypts it using another decryption key - private key file. The second type of the file encryption software encrypts/decrypt file using single encryption password.

Good file encryption software provides also additional possibilities like abiltiy to encrypt/decrypt files from command line (to automate encryption taks), the possibility to keep decryption keys on USB Flash Drive and etc.