Security and Network Communication  software for Windows 2000/NT/XP/9X


A professional files encryption software can help you to protect your private files from prying eyes

If you are looking for a files encryption solution for your company or home, Advanced Encryption Package 2007 Professional is the right tool.

It is powerful 256 bit - 2048 bit files and text encryption software. It includes all known proven encryption algorithms, can encrypt files using password or RSA public key file.

It includes special command line tool to work in a batch mode.

It has possibility to delete files securely (no way to recover files using any hardware or software), because AEP2007 PRO is the only tool that supports almost all data destruction standards known at this day.

AEP2007 Pro can run on any Windows Vista / 2000 / 2003 / XP system.

The intuitive user interface makes AEP2007 PRO invaluable for both security professionals and for home users.

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Customers from 58 countries chosen this software to encrypt private files.